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We are very exited to announce our first collaboration with Jonatan Liljedahl of KYMATICA DEVICES! The 2xVCX Dual Four-Quadrant-Multiplier, VCA and Crossfader module is designed by Kymatica Devices and will be produced and supplied by us at RYO, tune in, multiply, fade out!


Welcome Raw Voltage Modular Store Vienna as a reseller of assembled modules and kits in Austria!



Welcome Perfect Circuit Audio!

You can soon find our products at the US west coast. First the kits and later assembled modules.



You can still find some of our assembled modules at synthCube, Escape From Noise and London Modular. Kits is also carried at synthCube and Escape From Noise.



Martin Widmann / widy75 made this great timelapse video of an Optodist build. Check it out!


Exploding Shed in Germany have opened their doors and are offering the RYO Optodist kit to start with.


The new Synth DIY shop in the US, Modular Addict is now stocking half our range of kits, more will follow!


The 1st of December a new Synth DIY shop is opening in Germany. Exploding Shed will have a small number of Optodist kits available in the start.

EDIT 26-11-2015

Opening is postponed ca 1 month.


Welcome Exploding Shed!


We are very exited to have a new reseller in United States. Control Synthesizers and Electronic Devices in Brooklyn, NY!


Ben of divkidmusic.com is back with a video of the PATHS 4:4 sequential switch.


A brand new module has seen the light of day!

Presenting PATHS a 4:4 sequential switch.

Read more about the module here.


A new great video have been published by Ben of divkidmusic.com this time featuring the 3xVCA. Showing off the perks of it's signal normalling turning this triple linear VCA into a versatile multi response VCA. The normalling is amodification that's installed on all 3xVCA assembled by us and for DIY the modification can be found here.


Ben of divkidmusic.com is back with a longer video of the RYO logics! It's also a great video for learning how boolean logics work in general.


A quick video demonstration by our modular video guru Ben of divkidmusic.com on how to get some cool rhythmic action going with the RYO logics!


The assembly instructions for the logic modules are now available and also check out the product page.


The Airtenuator have been featured in Electronic Musician. Thanks for the great article!


The DrumDokta2 from DinSync.info is soon at your local shop. It features a limited version of Optodist!


At the moment the following is in stock at different shops. If no shop local to you is listed you can ask them if they want to stock our modules for you.



Assembled: Thonk

Kit: Escape From Noise

PCB: Thonk



Assembled: Escape From Noise, London Modular, synthCube

Kit: Escape From Noise, Thonk, synthCube

PCB: synthCube, Thonk

RYO Panel: Thonk



Assembled: synthCube

Kit: synthCube

PCB: Thonk

RYO Panel: Thonk

Grayscale Panel: synthCube, Grayscale


VC Sequencer

Assembled: Escape From Noise

Kit: Thonk, synthCube

PCB: synthCube, Thonk

RYO Panel: Thonk

Grayscale Panel: synthCube


Trig Xpander

Assembled: Escape From Noise

Kit: Escape From Noise, Thonk, synthCube

PCB: synthCube, Thonk

RYO Panel: Thonk

Grayscale Panel: Grayscale